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Looking for an SEO quote? Get a free & no-obligation quote with SEO Audit. We immediately create a project in Ubersuggest or Semrush and with this we can do some of the keyword research for your business to rank higher in Google.
This will give us a good overview of the opportunities in your industry and the expected hours we need to put in to get you ranked higher.

Our goal at all times is to generate sales for your business. As long as an SEO company creates revenue, there is no reason to quit this business!
So we say that we do not cost money, but rather we bring in money.

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SEO Quote Needed?

Cheap SEO at Best online marketing agency. SEO quote request and a response within 24 hours! Our Best SEO.

Our Specialists are available immediately!
So you can get a solid analysis with expectations and no-obligation SEO quote free of charge.
Best SEO Specialist works as transparently as possible and thus immediately gives an indication of expected growth for the upcoming period.

Our SEO Specialists work primarily with WordPress SEO icm Rankmath. In doing so, our agency works with keywords tools Ubersuggest & Semrush. For optimizing your website. This is where you will get weekly SEO reports from.
Requesting a quote SEO optimization can be done within 2 minutes!

Please feel free to contact us or fill out your request below.

What can you expect from WordPress SEO?

Want to hire an agency specializing in WordPress SEO? Then you have come to the right place!
If you don’t have a website yet, we would like to help with this. Please note that we only build websites with Elementor Pro and you get free access to it. Also, you get a paid Rankmath Account to be a part of the fundement we can start building. SEO optimization is like building a house, so it’s important to have a solid foundation to reap the long-term benefits of this.

Google search engine optimization

A Google SEO Specialist actually does the same thing as a normal SEO specialist, but is specialized and has a focus on just the Google search engine
Experience (in most cases :P) promotes efficiency and thus theoretically creates more efficiency (coincides, by the way, with strategic and general knowledge).
So this expert will have studied how Google’s artificial intelligence reads a page and what values are given to not only rank higher, but also get traffic to your website that are interested in your product or service.

SEO Tips

– submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

– Make use of an SEO plugin

– Check the Speed of Your Website with Google PageSpeed

– provide a good silo structure

– Delve into your target audience and make sure your pages match relevant keywords and the needs of the customer using the keyword in Google

– have your website checked by a seo expert which can ensure that you do not make beginners’ mistakes

– Watch the video below so you have an idea about basic SEO, so you won’t go into depth yet!

To give you an idea of basic SEO, we have a video from Ahrefs for you (in English).

If you have any questions or comments, including about the video, always feel free to give us a call!
We like to share our knowledge also to show that we as SEO specialists depend on companies as much as companies depend on a WordPress SEO Specialist.

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Leave your details and you will receive a quote with SEO Audit within 24 hours.

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Frequently asked questions SEO Package (FAQ)

Still have questions? Here you will find our FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is your question not listed here?
You can always then fill out the contact form with your question.


An SEO quote is an estimate of the cost of the SEO Agency in question.

We give a standard SEO quote including a complete Audit.

  • We are usually available immediately to make your quote with complete audit.
  • Monthly cancellation.
  • Free keyword research.

We offer 3 SEO packages:

  1. Basic package for 199,- p/m
  2. Tesla package for 369,- p/m
  3. Custom package is from 450,-

With the Audit, we immediately create a project in Ubersuggest & Semrush and thus actually do some of the keyword research.
This gives us a good overview of the opportunities in your industry and the expected hours we need to put in to get you ranked higher.

Obviously because we are going to make you rank high in the search engines 🙂

  • Real specialists
  • Cheap SEO Prices
  • No permanent contracts
  • Rankmath installation
  • Ubersuggest data
  • Semrush data