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WordPress SEO specialist

Need WordPress SEO Specialist? We specialize in WordPress SEO.

If you don’t have a website yet, we would like to help with this. Please note that we only build websites with Elementor Pro and you get free access to it.

By the way, the advantage of not having a website yet is that we can much more easily establish a super good foundation based on keyword research.
We work this out through a complex website architecture which in turn uses the silo structure.

Do you already have a web designer? Totally perfect, we can make sure the website will not lack anything SEO technical….

Do you use other programs? No problem! We do take a look at what you have first, whether it is functional in the long run and so on.

In addition, you get a paid Rankmath Account for free (if desired) and depending on the size of the project, you get 1 or more reports every 2 weeks or per month via Ubersuggest, SemRush and/or Ahrefs.

SEO optimization is like building a house, so it’s important to have a solid foundation to reap the long-term benefits of this.

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What is WordPress SEO Specialist?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and means search engine optimization. A WordPress So SEO Specialist is a specialist in optimizing a website built with WordPress in Google, for example. 

Getting relevant visitors through organic results in a search engine is the job of a Specialist. If you want to hire an SEO Agency for your WordPress website, it is important to think long term. This is because building a website & Seo is like building a house. It must have a strong foundation to be and remain successful in the long run.

What does a WordPress SEO specialist do

A WordPress SEO Specialist actually does the same thing as a normal SEO specialist, but has a lot of experience working with WordPress.
Experience (in most cases :P) promotes efficiency and thus theoretically creates more efficiency (coincides, by the way, with strategic and general knowledge).

SEO Tips

– submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

– Make use of an SEO plugin

– Check the Speed of Your Website with Google PageSpeed

– provide a good silo structure

– Delve into your target audience and make sure your pages match relevant keywords and the needs of the customer using the keyword in Google

– have your website checked by a seo expert which can ensure that you do not make beginners’ mistakes

– Watch the video below so you have an idea about basic SEO, so you won’t go into depth yet!

To give you an idea of basic SEO, we have a video from Ahrefs for you (in English).

If you have any questions or comments, including about the video, always feel free to give us a call!
We like to share our knowledge also to show that we as SEO specialists depend on companies as much as companies depend on a WordPress SEO Specialist.

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Frequently asked questions SEO WordPress(FAQ)

Still have questions? Here you will find our FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is your question not listed here?
You can always then fill out the contact form with your question.


A WordPress SEO Specialist is a specialist in optimizing a website built with WordPress in Google, for example.

Because the expert has accumulated experience in working with the WordPress CMS system, it is more efficient than someone who has no experience with WordPress.

By the way, a WordPress SEO specialist may only work with WordPress, but it may also be the case that this expert can work with multiple systems.

If your (WordPress) SEO consultant is making money for you instead of costing you money, then he is indeed doing a good job.

You can look at the returns of different SEO consultants, but right now in the market, many specialists are costing money rather than delivering.

Of course, we can take a free & no-obligation look for you to see if this is the case and if more work can be extracted.

The top companies often have multiple seo agencies working because SEO is simply very complex in the sense of the many different variables.
We too notice this in ourselves!

We think very differently from the bottom up. In doing so, we try to be as transparent as possible and work on the basis of efficiency.
Ultimately, a WordPress SEO specialist needs to make money for you and is not meant to cost money.

In the end, it’s the same with everything. So you get good at SEO by doing it every day.
Important is that you have passion for it and motivation to keep developing yourself.
No one is out of practice and this is also true with SEO.

Right now, Google adjusts the algorithm on average 2x a day and so there continues to be change in tactics and strategy.

Because we only go for efficiency.
When you seek a partner in SEO, you want return on investment.
In doing so, we work as transparently as possible and have an arsenal of knowledge to make the difference in the field of SEO with respect to your competitors.