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Are you in the Haarlem area and want to hire an SEO Specialist who gets results for you inexpensively?

Looking for a specialist SEO in Haarlem? We have an SEO specialist available immediately in the H’lem area!
Our SEO Packages are cancelable on a monthly basis and on top of that we guarantee results…. Not good, money back that is!

With this, we force ourselves to perform every month. 

In addition, we also do a free keyword research which is the basis for good SEO, but to translate it properly into search engine optimization requires time and expertise.

Basic SEO is ultimately not very difficult, but it does take a lot of time. However, the profit that can be made from it is sufficiently interesting to start optimizing your website.

SEO Specialist in the City of Haarlem

When someone steps in and sees what SEO can do for the business, a package is often upgraded the following month. Therefore, as an SEO specialist, this will always be the goal.
If the starting rate is too high, you can always start with a lower amount.
SEO is essentially something that needs to be maintained and at the end of the day we will generate more sales every month and so you are actually paying for more sales.
When you are satisfied with the formula revenue – seo cost, that is, that the revenue we generate is such that when you subtract the costs from it sufficient profit is created, it is logical that we will work together longer.
Growing Together in Google

SEO Haarlem prices & quote

Our prices therefore start at 199,- per month and with that you get many extras right away.

By the way, we could spend our time with very long texts on this website explaining why we think we are good, but we have chosen to offer a very inexpensive SEO Entry Level Package so that we can prove what we are good at.

Please feel free to contact us or request a quote directly.

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SEO specialist meaning

SEO is an English word which literally stands for Search Engine Optimization. Translation into Dutch is a search engine optimization specialist.
The meaning of this is a specialist who optimizes a website so that it is easily findable in the search engine of Google, for example.

What is an SEO specialist Haarlem

A Specialist in SEO Haarlem is someone who understands what values Google gives to rank high and this is in line with the User Experience. Thereby, his working area is focused in and around the city of Haarlem.
An SEO expert is someone who needs a website to rank high in the Google search engines. He or she has knowledge of both the User Experience and understands how artificial intelligence reads a page, as it is different when a person does.

A true specialist seeks balance in this and ensures return for customer by not only ranking high in the search engine, but by also ensuring that the customer will make an inquiry which in turn has a great effect on the rankings.

What is SEO?

So a true SEO specialist provides the match where someone finds what he or she is looking for right away instead of having to visit lots of pages.
This has multiple effects, since Google’s focus is to seek a match between searcher & information.
When you do this well, you will automatically rank better already.

An SEO specialist also ensures that Google understands the website easily and quickly. This is done by a certain structure that is again found in nature and this is called fractals.
In doing so, a specialist will also need to understand the marketing funnel, since you will stay high in Google when traffic coming in stays on the page for enough time or makes a request.
Indeed, this means that the searcher found what it was looking for.

SEO Tips Haarlem

– submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

– Make use of an SEO plugin

– Check the Speed of Your Website with Google PageSpeed

– provide a good silo structure

– Delve into your target audience and make sure your pages match relevant keywords and the needs of the customer using the keyword in Google

– have your website checked by a seo expert which can ensure that you don’t make beginners’ mistakes

– Watch the video below so you have an idea about basic SEO, so you won’t go into depth yet!

To give you an idea of basic SEO, we have a video from Ahrefs for you (in English).

If you have any questions or comments, including about the video, always feel free to give us a call!
We like to share our knowledge also to show that we as SEO specialists depend on companies as much as companies depend on an SEO Specialist.

We see growing together as an essential part!

SEO Tools Haarlem

SEO tools are essential programs & plugins that generate data. By analyzing this data, a strategy can be devised to provide returns in findability and thus revenue.

Some examples of our SEO tools are;

Google Search Console



Google Analytics


Google Alert


Google Page Speed

And more!

All these tools provide data that in turn are needed to first create overview and to see from analyses opportunities on which our strategy is determined.

The cost of an SEO specialist in Haarlem depends on the company offering SEO.

On average, the cost of an SEO Specialist in Haarlem is between €50,- & €90,-.

However, it is more important to look at the return on investment of an SEO expert, since he or she should not cost money, but rather should bring in money. has SEO packages for online marketing starting at 199 and are cancelable on a monthly basis.

Main reasons for our low SEO prices is that we have almost no overhead costs.

Thereby, you can only find us through the organic results in Google and so we don’t spend money on marketing (yet).

This gives us a stable base and ultimately we only need a computer with internet to do our work and for creative reasons prefer not to do it in an office, which also saves us a lot of money.

This is often as early as the 1st month. SEO results can usually be achieved quickly by using clever techniques that make pages easier for Google to read.

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